Hey Guys!

Those that are members of my blog I will give my Yahoo ID for free… Hit me up at Maneatermariah

I log in several times per week. I’m not here everyday but at least 3 days a week and I check email every other day! Hope to have a new game out soon! sierrpic

New NF Game!!



New Game today!! It goes backwards… so you get to CUM first… but you must keep playing and complete all your assignments to experience the ULTIMATE humiliation that this game holds! I know you can’t resist doing what you are told by a HOT and GORGEOUS girl!!

Eat Your Heart Out!!

Yes I know i’m hot… I know you can’t resist my charms. I also know you look at me and think… “She’ll never give me the time of day”

And of course that’s all too true!! But… I’m here to give you my time… It just ain’t free! mariah